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goodbye to aaron thomas nimelka, who is planning to deploy to iraq in january. president obama is in singapore tonight. it is his first asian tour since taking office. he is attending an important economic summit with the message that even in these tough times, america means business. our reporter has details from washington. >> in singapore at the asia- pacific economic cooperation summit, president obama joined other world leaders in dressing up in local guard at a kickoff dinner. he posed for the obligatory flash photo. he and hillary clinton are in asia to face daunting challenges from the global economy and trade to the nuclear threat posed by north korea and iran. president obama kicked off his nine-day tour with a stop in japan, where the leader declared himself america's first pacific president. >> the united states looks to strengthen alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> he met with the royal family of japan and reached out to top business leaders, promising a new era of cooperation. after a stop in china, he is going to south korea.
have been made. president obama faces a milestone this week, the first anniversary of his election. though comes as the economy is showing signs of >> americans all around the country continue to ask the question, where are the jobs? >> republicans are saying the obama administration is not creating or saving the jobs. >> most of the jobs that are created or government jobs. >> the treasury secretary predicts a shocking recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it is going to take some time for unemployment to come down and for jobs to get created again. >> he says the stimulus spending is just starting to show results. he says it is far too early as to whether government spending will be needed more. the president does not want to break one of his key campaign promises and raise taxes on the middle class. in washington, wbal-tv. >> u.s. senator ben cardin is also weighing in on the economy. he told our correspondent what he says is the real signs of recovery. >> it starts with consumer confidence. people wanting to go to a restaurant or buy a new car or home. it starts with havin
or new jersey. >> the news was a disappointment for democrats. in a state where president obama won just last year and campaigned with democrats creigh deeds is an election cycle -- this election cycle, it is republican bob mcdonnell that will be the next governor. >> tonight's great victories a clear sign that we, the people, are fed up with the obama,'s, mccain agenda. -- the obama pelosi kaine agenda. >> i do not believe that the elections in virginia and new jersey portend a lot about the legislative success or political success in the future. i just do not. >> political success was a definite struggle for the president's fellow democrat. in the usual democratic stronghold of new jersey, incumbent john corzine fell to a republican chris christie. a drop out this weekend after a major split between gop conservatives and moderates. bill owens could be the first democrat elected to that congressional districts since the 1800's it began over -- if he can overcome the conservative candidates. with the polls now closed, it seems this been will begin. -- the span will begin. >> there are co
as president obama -- it was an emotional day as present obama, officials, family and friends remembered the victims. ♪ amazing grace >> searching for greece and comfort, they gather -- searching for grace and comfort, they gather. >> it is a day for us to honor the fallen, fellow soldiers, one big family. >> it can affect everybody. >> president obama met with families of the fallen in some of the wounded before stepping to the podium for the first time in his young presidency as counselor and chief. >> here at fort hood, we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war and even in the comfort of home. their memory will be honored in the places that they live and by the people they touched. their lives work is our security and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. >> as this grieving community searches for answers, so do investigators. they look at whether he may have been influenced by muslim extremists to encourage violence against american troops. he discussed this long, suicide bombers, and the threats posed by muslim soldiers conflict
michelle obama welcomed area students to the white house. how she is using her past to help women. >> it is getting chilly out there. the forecast straight ahead. >> a maryland company promising to help you get out of debt accused of taking millions from desperate families. how they made big promises and charged struggling marylanders thousands. if you wanna know why your 3g coverage works so great on verizon wireless, there's a map for that. or why you can make plans on the go, at 3g speed, there's a map for that. and if you wanna know why your friend's 3g coverage is so spotty, there's a map for that, too. yep, with five times more 3g coverage than at&t, there's lots of reasons to switch-- to verizon wireless. now get new 3g touch-screen phones from lg, starting at 29.99. >> fairbanks farms has recalled more than half million pounds of fresh ground beef because of possible contamination. the beef is linked to two deaths and illnesses. it was sold at trader joe's, bj's and giant stores. it has est 492 on the label. for more on the beef recall and where to return it for a refund g
month shy of his first wedding anniversary. >> the obama's spent time with some of the members of the families who had loved ones killed in the war. >> in an unscheduled veteran's day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically at once from afghanistan. she -- he is considering sending more troops. >> as long as i am commander in chief, america is going to do right by them. >> the former secretary urged the president to hurry. >> it is important that he makes his decision soon because there are young men and women out there carrying the battle that are at great risk. >> the commander in chief at with advisers today. he is looking at all options. one calls for 44,000 more troops. and vice-president wants to send as few as 10,000 troops. there are some plans for up to 35,000 more. it is backed by several people. almost as many new forces as requested by a general. obama is looking at past numbers. >> back to focusing on al qaeda and pushing the taliban back so we can withdraw from the region eventually. >> short term, more u.s.
of their life. >> president obama and the first lady will attend a formal memorial service at fort hood on tuesday. on our website, we have compiled stories about the victims and their survivors. just go to wbaltv.com and look under hot topics. investigators say a victim was shot in the head this afternoon near west pratt street. medics transported the victim to a hospital. there's no word on his condition or a suspect in the case. one woman is dead, three families displaced tonight after a fire that started in a condominium on ewing drive around what 30 this afternoon. -- are grounds 1:30 this afternoon. >> are officials are not sure what caused the fire, but say it started on the first floor and spread to the second, where it killed a woman neighbors say will be sorely missed. the whole backside of the house was just completely in flames. it started at the bottom and just went to the top. >> a massive fire disrupted a saturday afternoon just after a one got 30. firefighters -- just after 1:30. >> there was a tremendous amount of debris in the house, which hampered firefighting operati
a white house steak dinner. they attended president obama's state dinner on tuesday. the big problem, they were not on the guest list and managed to bluff their way inside. although the couple caused no harm, that's a serious breach of security. savannah guthrie has the story. >> tuesday night's steak state dinner. the coming out party. it was also washington's hard to get invitation from the world of politician and entertainment there were dozens of bold faced names and then, two who were just plain bold. eric and mchale la, a virginia couple managed to get into the state dinner, even on the official guest list their names were nowhere to be found. >> on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. once inside they snapped photos with everyone from rahm imanuel, to joe biden, twice. and the pictures were then posted on mchale la's facebook page with the caption, i was honored to be invited to attend the state dinner. the couple was taped that night before the party, by producers hired by bravo tv which is considering casting mchale la for the washington r washington in
that there may be a silver lining. today, president obama signed a bill to extend unemployment insurance. it also provides tax breaks to businesses that have recent losses. >> economists tell us that when these benefits are spent on food or clothing or rent, it actually strengthens our economy and creates new jobs. >> analysts say that even though the recession has ended, jobs will remain scarce because employers are not been willing to hire. >> it seems that the national trend is not playing out in the greater baltimore area. it appears that this is the place to be for those that are looking for work. how can that be? >> he has been out of a job for 16 months and describes the job search process. >> without the necessary skills, at my age, then it is rather difficult for someone to be willing to give me an opportunity. >> friday, the opportunity finally came as he was able to land a job helping with baltimore city's housing improvements. it is a major sign that the job market in the greater baltimore area is improving every day. >> today we will create 92 jobs and retrain individuals to assist t
. >> healthcare reform passing a key test in the senate but still facing a tough fight. president obama applauded the senate vote and said he's looking forward to a thorough and productive debate. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> maryland's u.s. senators barbara mccow i ask and ben bar den voted yes to begin full debate on healthcare reform. according to senator car den the bill would reduce healthcare costs insure small businesses and 98% of americans. the senator says he doesn't understand why his colleagues on the other side don't want to debate the issue. healthcare reform is also on our agenda for tomorrow morning's q and a segment in our 9:00 hour. you can send your questions in to sunday questions at wbaltv.com. >>> an annual tradition in honor of its selfless founder. see how volunteers are preparing to feed the less fortunate. >>> plus the accused shooter in the fort hood tragedy makes his first court appearance and his attorney is outraged by the move. >>> flashbacks, nightmares and extreme emotional reactions all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. where researchers are n
mohammed has to say at trial, and no one else needs to be afraid either. >> president obama is predicted that he will be convicted and executed. >> in tonight's medical alert, senate majority leader harry reid has taken the wraps off health care legislation. the cost, $849 billion over the next decade. he said the legislation will save lives, money, and help medicare. centers are expected to debate that bill later this week. also, a new debate is brewing about mammograms and when women should start getting them. on monday, a government panel recommended that women not at risk for breast cancer need not scheduled a first mammogram until they turn 50, and then only needed to be checked every two years. that recommendation is a complete break from the american cancer society's longstanding position that women should get mammograms screening beginning at the age of 40. today, several female lawmakers spoke candidly about the proposed guidelines. >> we cannot go down this path. we all know that early screening and detection saves lives. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius
. he is the love and national guardsmen to die. next week, obama will cover his exit strategy for afghanistan. he is expected to call for additional troops. the number could range from 32,000-42,000 troops. it includes training in afghanistan police and army to secure areas taken from the taliban so that u.s. forces can come home. >> after eight years, some of those years we did not have the resources or the strategy to get the job done. it is my intention to finish the job. >> stay with 11 news for continuing coverage of the war in afghanistan for our newscast and online. >> in tonight ' s consumer alert, the world's largest auto maker says that in its to replace the gas pedals in nearly 4 million of its cars and trucks. if they say that they can get stuck, will sometimes deadly results. >> and gas pedal like this one stuck in the format caused a lexis near san diego in august to reach speeds of 120 miles per hour. it slammed into an suv, launched off of an indictment and burst into flames killing a veteran highway patrolmen and three members of his family. it has forced toyo
balances. >> president obama signed into law a measure last spring that would prevent credit card companies from raising interest rates on existing balances. the banks received a nine month grace period then moved quickly to raise rates and tack on fees ahead of the bill's enactment. they are looking to charge fees were there were none before. >> the house will come to order pretax today, this action. congress voted to speed up the new rules to begin next month instead of february. >> hopefully, consumers now will get the justice that they deserve. >> and is among those looking for relief, shocked when he learned at citibank is doubling his credit card rate to 30%. >> it does anger me because here i am a citizen, and i helped bail them out. >> of the law signed in may would prevent credit card companies from doing exactly what was done to ed. under the law, if the customer has a balance of $1,000 in the company changes the rate, it would apply to new purchases only and not old debt. a spokesman for the banks as moving at the start date is problematic. >> the new credit card law has massive
, not jeopardize it. >> president obama will be on capitol hill this weekend, making sure democrats stand firm in supporting the bill. >> experts say there was a direct link between obesity and certain cancers. experts say over 100,000 cancer deaths linked to obesity. excess body fat alone has cost over 30,000 cases of breast cancer in patients. there is some good news. studies show patience that start exercising more after being diagnosed with cancer have an increased chance of beating the disease. kellogg's have agreed to remove labels from cereal boxes saying it could boost your child's immunity. given the public attention to the h1n1 flu, but recently, a sampras's go attorney questioned the accuracy of the claims. manufacturers are responsible for the accuracy and truth. >> it is rare that a city mayor goes on trial anywhere, so when mayor dixon's trial begins, it will be on an uncharted territory. >> there is a lot at stake, even perhaps regardless of the outcome. >> celebration abounded in the fall of 2007, as she led dixon made history, becoming the first woman to win the job as baltimo
attacks be held accountable in open court. >> eric colder and president obama are closing the present at guantanamo, bringing notorious inmates into the u.s. >> i fully expect to the wreck prosecutors to seek the death penalty against the 9/11 conspirators. >> critics call for trials in cuba. >> we are going to bring these animals back to the scene of the crime so that they can put on a circus and a show. >> peterson lost his dad in stepmom on 9/11. >> he does not deserve the platform or the forum to continue to express his hate. >> some worry the trials will inspire a new attack. >> new york city is the no. 1 terrorist target in the world. >> waterboarding a short to be an issue in court. khalid sheikh mohammed was subjected to it 183 times. >> is the jury going to be able to look past those interrogation techniques? >> the attorney general is convinced that the answer is yes. >> we have a follow up to an investigation we began more than two years ago. a company based one time in maryland is being sanctioned again for what the government is calling years of broken promises. the compa
of the shooting. president obama will join family members of the 13 killed. >> it will conclude with some music, and then the traditional role call of the names of the dead and then a 21-gun salute. >> officials say tomorrow's memorial will help to begin the healing process. >> in less than 24 hours, convicted sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection. he is being executed for the murder of dean myers, one of the 10 people killed during a three-week spree in october of 2003. lowell melser is life in virginia at the prison where the execution will take place. he joins us live. >> john allen muhammad is scheduled to be executed here tomorrow night at 9:00. it will be the 99th execution performed here at the greensville correctional center in virginia. this one done by lethal injection. >> it was a terrorizing three weeks during october of 2002. when the smoke cleared from john allen muhammad and low boyd malvo's killing spree, 10 people had been killed in four states, including alabama and louisiana, and six people were wounded. both muhammad animal video were convicted.
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